Our company has been consistently working on projects, designs and application areas and has put its signature under important successes since 1985. The projects are designed according to customers’ desires in a way to preserve their artistic value. The designes we bring into being keep up with changes by following fast changing technology and fashion. All our designs ground on the technological opportunities, the materials, the colours and the climate of that region.

In order to show the success of the designs more perceptibly and clearly, we examine the architectural designs with 3-d representations so we make it easier for customers to perceive the project.


Our mission


As "Mimarch Architecture & Design", we have always created designes which are up to today’s trends and worked in accordance with customers’ wish and like. Our aim is to increase people’s life style to the highest level. Besides, while meeting customers’ purposes in a technical and esthetical way, we aim to generate solutions for budget constraints. Environmental data as the climate, and social and cultural structure are used as important and determining factors in design. We give particular importance functionality in our designs. Because the most important rule of architecture; “A design which isn’ functional and a place which you can’t use is not yours.”. We seize upon this rule and we place importance on personalizing and enriching a design. What we aim to is to provide customers with a happy and an ergonomic living space.